Uncommon Thief……WHO are they?

Many businesses perform background checks on people before they get a job.


Businesses want to know everything about the potential new person. They want to know if that person is going to be a risk factor to the business.

Would you accept someone that would be a high risk or possibly even take something from you?

Of course not!

What about potential customers?

Could your potential customers be classified as a so-called “uncommon thief”?

Let’s first define what the definition of a thief is.

“The definition of a thief is a person who takes something without permission or without the owner knowing.” 

Some things that come to my mind of a thief are; burglars, robbers, shoplifters, pickpockets, embezzler, etc. You get the picture.

In our busy everyday life, do you have time to know exactly who these types of people are just by looking at them?

We typically stereotype people of who we think could be a candidate, but in all honesty, we have no idea about these types of people.

They could be neighbors; consumers, tenants, employees, people at work, or people where we shop or visit, family members, etc., the list goes on and on.

There are consequences for those who get caught in these categories, and there is a place to put them so everyone knows about them.

Could the “uncommon thief” be in your business?

Is there a place to let others know about the “uncommon thief”?

Traits of the so called “uncommon thief”;

  1. Customers who refuse to pay (ex; rent, utilities, work orders, invoices, etc.)
  2. Online shoplifters
  3. People who bounce checks
  4. People who file bankruptcy to get out of paying bills purposely
  5. Credit card “chargebacks”
  6. Fraudulent complaints on sales people

uncommon thief

The “uncommon thief” is the one that is not going to pay, or stop payment on checks, they even chargeback and take money from businesses. These people know exactly what they are going to do prior to them even starting business with your company.

Another problem is that many chargebacks are fraudulent.

For example, a consumer might state that there is a problem with the business and refuse to process any further credit card transactions. They may make an online purchase and try to get a refund when they actually did receive the item, a practice called “online shoplifting.”

Did you know consumers have months to cancel a transaction even after they received your products or services?

Think about the consumer placing fraudulent complaints on sales people. A consumer can go to any carrier (ex: cellular, cable, etc.) and complain to a sales person about their bill. The consumer argues with the sales person and then calls customer service while in the establishment and complains to the corporate representative until they either remove or lower the charges that the consumer did in fact owe.

The consumer then gives a negative survey about the sales person which was just following policy.

This tactic costs time, money, effort and that sales persons ratings and commission are attacked. “Uncommon thief”?

The Solution:

Knowyourcustomers.com is a “NEW REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT” that will help grow your business by giving you THE PLACE”TM to put these potential customers and to let others know about them before doing business with them.

Benefits of knowyourcustomers.com:

  • Customized profiles – You tell us what is important to you and want you need to know about your potential customer.
  • Database to place your unreported information
  • Free to upload your data
  • Earn residuals on your uploaded data as it is shared throughout our system
  • Take back control of your business transactions

Knowyourcustomers.com is the movement that is needed in order to make a change in the business world! Make smarter business decisions on your potential customers.

Not only are we a pre-qualifying software, but a database that has never existed before warning of those people that should “go to cyber jail.”TM

What are you waiting for?

Do not be a victim anymore!

Take back control.

You can sign up with knowyourcustomers.com and let your potential customers know you are part of the New Revolutionary Movement!