Is This Really the Case You Will Never Forget?


General contractors, subcontractors, and independent contractors alike have faced (or will face) a person who refuses to pay their bill.  It could very well be from one of the positions listed above.

I’ve been called out to look at and asked for help on projects for all sorts of contractors.

I have never met these contractors before in my life.  I don’t know anything about these contractors.  Ask yourself: Why did they call?  Who were they using before?

I almost always receive the same answers: They didn’t show up.  They didn’t do quality work.

This could be case… but is this really the reason? Would the contractor tell you the company’s name and information so you could check out their references? The answer to that is not only a big NO, but HELL NO!

The real question is: How many times has a general contractor not paid a subcontractor, independent contractor, or vice versa?

Could these contractors be classified as an “Uncommon Thief?”

Some contractors use these transactions as a tactic to increase their profit.

There are some types of protection you can use like making sure all of your documentation is correct and filled within your State laws such as the Notice of Furnishings, Notice of Commencement and Mechanics liens so you can build a defense strategy for your projects

Make sure you check with your legal department to make sure you are following all the correct guidelines according to your state and local laws.  It’s a good idea to check in on these yearly to keep up with current issues.

As a contractor, I have personally filed these types of documents on various projects.  What is interesting is that certain contractors actually get upset over this.  Why?

My thoughts on this kind of attitude is always: Is this contractor going to pay?  Most of the time the answer is NO. If you didn’t follow those steps, you are at threat to not be given any more work.




All you are doing is protecting you, your business, and your family.

Is that not worth the protection?

Have you been a victim for one of these reasons?

  • Contractors go out of business and change names many times
  • Contractors states they find fault with your work when your work is impeccable.
  • Contractors get rid of subcontractors because they can for stupid reasons forcing you to settle for a lot less than what you agreed upon. (Contractors increases their profits this way )
  • You missed the invoice period now you have to wait until the next payment period (which can continue for months)

There you sit and there is nothing you can do about it. They do not care as your bills go unpaid and you have to rob Peter to pay Paul. Wouldn’t you like to know about them before you accepted one of their projects?

Possibly you have been working with a contractor and they are way behind in paying you for what you have done on other projects. They give you another project and then another until you finally get to the point enough is enough and you insist they pay up.

They will give you a small portion keeping you in the trap of their control. What do you do? Stand up for yourself. STOP this process. Take control back now!

That is why created this New Revolutionary Movement!

Find out about these types of contractors prior to accepting a project that could harm you or your business.

Until now there was no database for this. There was no place to warn other contractors of what happened to your company. is the New Revolutionary Movement that provides the place to do just that. Let others know about those contractors business dealings. You will NEVER forget those contractors.

Uncommon thief? They not only took advantage of you, but your family as well. Think of your wife and kids when this happens. Now you have to struggle rush to get another job and work day and night to try to catch up. (Possibly facing this all over again) Is this really the way you wanted to live and run your business?

Think about the next time you need to may a utility payment, put food on your table, paying your taxes, or whatever the issue I guarantee you will remember those contractors.

The Solution: is a “NEW REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT” that will help grow your business by giving you THE PLACE”TM to put these potential customers and to let others know about them before doing business with them.

Benefits of

  • Customized profiles – You tell us what is important to your company and want you need to know about that potential customer.
  • Database to place your unreported information.
  • Free to upload your data.
  • Earn residuals on your uploaded data as it is shared and used throughout our system.
  • Take back control of your business transactions is the movement that is needed in order to make a change in the business world! Make smarter business decisions on your potential customers.

Not only are we a pre-qualifying software, but a database that has never existed before warning of those people that should “go to cyber jail.”TM

What are you waiting for?

Do not be a victim anymore. Take back control.

You can sign up with and let your potential customers know you are part of the New Revolutionary Movement!