Reported vs Unreported Data

Uncovering the difference between the unreported information and the reported information from the Bureaus may be a bit unbelievable, so let’s just get straight to it.

It is a fact that ONLY  4.1% of businesses today report to the bureaus.

Think about that for second…

That means 95.9% of data is never reported to the bureaus.

You may ask what the reported data means and here’s your answer: This is the side where an item gets reported to the bureaus like:

  • Banks
  • Business Loans
  • Consumer Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Mortgages
  • NSF Checks

When you look at these reported items are you really are getting the entire picture of the potential customer’s credit score and credit reports?

What is a credit score, anyways?

What does a credit score tell you about your potential customer? A credit score is a fancy algorithm based on the reported segments in a credit report that the Bureaus have determined is best for you.

Are credit reports accurate?

Is a credit report defining what you need to know about that potential customer?

Probably not since it is a conglomerate of information base on what the bureaus think you need to make an executive decision. With this being the case and you are only getting the reported information, your ration is only giving you a 1:24 chance.  That’s a total shot in the dark of receiving a good potential customer. 1:24 is that good enough for your company?

Let me illustrate this for you:

Let’s talk now about the unreported information. Again you may ask what this is.  If 4.1% reports that means there is 95.9% who do not report. The statistics now jumps to a 24:1 ratio of information that has never been reported.

Why? Information like this has never had a place to be put.

What Do You Want To Know About Your Potential Customer?

Everyone will have a different, correct, answer to this question. Most want to know everything about the potential customer before engaging in business to know the potential risk factors going into the relationship.

Again,  how do you find out what you really want to know?

How do you identify what is important to your business if there is only a fancy algorithm based on the losing side of the data tug-of-war?

This is the beauty of You create a Customer Algorithm based on information that is important to your business. You define your customer risk and more importantly, your customer data points. then gives you access to the unreported and reported data, and compares it to your ideal customer profile.

Put the power back in your business’ hands, and control the terms of your transaction.

You DO have a say in the matter. It’s your business.  


The Solution: is a “NEW REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT” that will help to grow your business by giving you THE PLACE” to put these potential customers and to let others know about them before doing business with them.

Benefits of

  • Customized profiles – You tell us what is important to you and want you need to know about your potential customer.
  • Database to place your unreported information
  • Free to upload your data
  • Earn residuals on your uploaded data as it is shared throughout our system
  • Take back control of your business transactions is the movement that is needed in order to make a change in the business world! Make smarter business decisions on your potential customers.

Not only are we a pre-qualifying software, but a database that has never existed before warning of those people that should “go to cyber jail.”

What are you waiting for?

Do not be a victim anymore!

Take back control.

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