According to some IT Companies it’s YOUR Fault.

IT companies

Did you know IT Companies use tactics avoid legal action and skip out on work? Whether you’re a business owner, marketing manager, or simply a trade professional trying to make a mark in the digital world… We have all worked with bad IT companies.   To make matters worse, taking the issue to an attorney means that you can’t talk about what happens behind closed doors.

Just because an IT company happens to be local there is no guarantee they will be able to complete your project in timely manner. DO YOUR RESEARCH and find out who you are going to do business with BEFORE engaging in business with them.  Otherwise, you may find yourself with zero legal options and a lot of lost money!

If any of these tactics sound familiar, it’s time to consider looking for a new IT company.

When the system isn’t running and the project isn’t on time, you hear:


It’s your fault when you take a project to an IT company and they do not finish or lie about the contract you signed with them.  The spec wasn’t clear or you didn’t define what you truly wanted out of the system.  

No matter how calmly your approach the situation.  the IT company didn’t understand your specification nor did they envision your idea at all.  In fact, it’s your fault they ignored your spec.  It’s even your fault when you do not have anyone with IT experience on your team.

Wait a second… Is this not why you hired the IT Company?

Common Excuses Bad IT Companies Give:

  • Your team didn’t give them the information in a timely fashion.
  • They were held up when they asked for a task to be completed by you.
  • You did not approve graphics, text, design, and the list goes on and on.

YOU are the reason your project falls behind and cannot go to market. At least this is what they tell you.

My phone is open to your 24 hours a day’ and yet, you rarely get called back.

‘Send me an email so I know what you need.’ They never respond or they tell you there are other companies they are working on.

In reality, they are overloaded and just do not have the time or expertise for your project.

UNCOMMON THIEVES is what these types of IT companies are.  They don’t fulfill the contract, understand the specs, or listen to you at all!  These IT companies are NEVER wrong in their eyes.

(This is not intended for those IT companies that complete and finish a contract in the time and performance of that contract.)

How to Protect Yourself from Bad IT Companies:

Record every conversation, conference call, text,

and keep an email trail if they do not use a daily project management system.

First off why is this a problem? There has never been a place to put these types of people prior to hiring legal counsel until now. Knowyourcustomers.com has made the “PLACE” for this type of information.

Many startups and entrepreneurs have faced this issue many times (some over and over which caused them to fail). It’s the bad IT companies fault. No wonder investors are hesitant to invest in startups. Why wouldn’t an investor want to make sure their investment is protected in this department?  

Get references. Yeah right like they are going to give you someone that they provided poor service to. They will take your money though.

What about the ones that do get legal action taken against them that never makes it to court?

That’s right you never hear or know about these settlements that have been made behind closed doors and never get reported to let others know about the situation. Truly the Uncommon thief!

Questions to Ask About the IT Company:

  1. Does the firm have weekly meetings with you or have a product you can collaborate on daily? Demand it.
  2. Is the company working on your product? Prove it. NEVER SETTLE FOR SCREENSHOTS!  This is another tactic to pacify you to make you think they are working on your project. Smoke in glass mirrors is that it is called.
  3. What really does the contract state? Get a legal opinion to protect your idea and company.
  4. What are you getting out of your website? Get a third party to write your spec for your website.
  5. Do they have a way to provide a time sheet?  Ask them to find a way.

NEVER host your website with the same IT Company that built it for many reasons: They can get mad at you. More importantly, what if something happens to the company? The company can lock you out of your code with any stupid reason, especially if you ask a question they find insulting.

Hosting outside of the developers will give you access to your code and let you know the progress of the company’s projects, products, and much more.

  • Ask them to let the person who wrote the spec do a code audit! If they refuse DON’T EVEN USE A COMPANY LIKE THIS! Make sure you discuss ALL these issues up front!
  • Discussions on a project should be daily or weekly with some type of whiteboard or task manager to update you on everything. Again a tracking system is a great way to stay on top of the project AND the due dates.

When the Product the IT Companies Provide Doesn’t Match the Spec

The date now comes for you to launch your product and you are excited. There has been NO communication telling you different.  The worst thing is you prepared and allocated a budget for the marketing to find out at the day of launch your product is not ready for market.

You have been filled with the BS of the progress and the delivery date,  received a product not in your spec but the vision of someone else, and now you are behind.  You’re working with one of the many bad tech companies. They claim they own your code but in all actuality it is yours and they hold you hostage.

Get legal advice. Word your contracts with penalty clauses, development progress, and firm due dates–make them show you the quality and how everything is working. Protect yourself! This area is so unregulated and so vague that these companies have been using these tactics with no intention of helping you. Uncommon thief.

Enough of that. There is a New Revolutionary tool the “place” to put these types of people and let everyone know about them, their habits, BEFORE you engage in business with them or hire legal counsel.

The Solution to Weeding Out the Bad IT Companies:

Knowyourcustomers.com is a “NEW REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT” that will help grow your business by giving you THE PLACE”TM to put these potential customers and to let others know about them before doing business with them.

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  • Database to place your unreported information
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Knowyourcustomers.com is the movement that is needed in order to make a change in the business world! Make smarter business decisions on your potential customers.

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